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"Don't wait to see this doctor, if you don't have the funds, take out a loan if you have to! Marie Pace is knowledgeable, compassionate and an AMAZING teacher who can give you your life back. I'm just getting started but I'm excited about the prospect of getting better naturally. SO GRATEFUL that someone told me about Marie Pace!” — Karen Frazier Romero

Dear Dr. Pace:"Marie and her staff are absolutely amazing. I have been under her care for years. Recently, I had a severe flare-up with my Ulcerative Colitis and ended up in the hospital for about a week. Upon leaving the hospital, I was informed that our insurance would not pay for my UC medication ($1300/month). Luckily, my husband bumped into Marie at the gym. She asked him "to give me a chance to help her." We agreed.

A month later, I am so thrilled to inform all….. I am healing and feeling fabulous. I haven't had this much energy in years!!!

She placed me on a "Reset Immune System Diet" consisting of being vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and egg free. I recently was able to introduce seafood into my diet without any complications. It's amazing what this diet and life style change has done for me. None of this could have been possible without her continued education that she provides me about my body. Valuable information that many physicians fail to inform us. It isn't about a "quick fix." It is about a "lifetime fix!" Thankful and blessed for having you, Marie and your staff (Melissa) in my life!!!!”
— Stephanie C. Broussard

Dear Dr. Pace: "As a licensed psychologist (Ph.D), I have worked with people who did not respond to counseling intervention.  While I am not qualified to provide diagnosis/treatment in this area, your articles have provide me with enough information so that I can:  1.  Recognize when body chemistry imbalance appears to be a contributing factor, and 2.  Make the appropriate referral for the person to get the needed nutritional corrections.   The person below had been diagnosed as ADHD and was on medication for ADHD and depression since he was a young child.  He looked like the picture of health:  This person who was “healthy looking” a tall blond, blue eye lifeguard who was sleeping 10-12 hours per day.  His supervisor did not make him take the periodic lifeguard  swimming re-certification test due to his apparent “good health”.  The person said he would not have been able to pass the endurance portion of the test (and would have lost his job).  He could not get married because he didn’t have the energy to complete college.  His life was at a standstill.  All he could do was sleep and rest.  I referred him to a N.D. who did a comprehensive evaluation, tested for low grade allergies (which he had), and prescribed needed nutritionals.   After a period of recovery, he completed college, got married and is now holds a teaching position.  He made a special trip to my office to thank me for helping to “save” his life.  He had (under the supervision of the ND, stopped taking all the ADHD and depression medication).  He now feels that he had been mis-diagnosed as a child and took heavy medications that were inappropriate for him.  Thank you for sharing your invaluable, cutting edge information."  
– Licensed Psychologist, Ph.D  MO

Dr. Marie,
"Where to begin with this wonderful lady!!! I'm blessed to have found her! She has helped me out sooooo much I could cry!!! I haven't had a normal period since I was fifteen and since I been seeing her she has helped me have a normal period for three months straight!! Thanks for all you do for your clients and how much attention you give to each and every one of us! You’re one of a kind! ❤️❤️❤️”
— Morgan Albert

Dr. Marie,
"I have been a client of Dr Marie Pace for many years. As far a hormone balancing goes, I do not think you will find a more knowledegable source in Lafayette. There is a lot of ongoing continual research into all she does, to keep up with the latest modalitlies. Hormone Health is crucial to the balance of the whole body.”
— Heather Lefler CNHP

“Ms. Pace's thirst for knowledge and hunger for success is evident in the way she manages her clients. She is a true professional and wonderful person!” — George J. Pourciau, Jr.

Dr. Marie,
“All I can say is my life is forever grateful for Marie and her amazing staff. Everyone should check her place out!”

– Claire Menard

"What I KNOW is that if it were not for Dr. Marie Pace and her ordained gift of knowledge of the intricacies of the human body I would likely not be here today or would be in a very vegetative state. When I first went to her my body was barely functioning. I had shortness of breath and severe heart palpitations, with several instances of passing out. I absolutely could not focus on work or keep any train of thought going for an intelligible conversation. I didn’t have an ounce of energy and could not climb the stairs in my new home. I had been to countless medical specialty doctors and to the emergency room on several occasions, only to be told that I was having panic attacks!!! Now, even though they all assured me that no one ever died from a panic attack, I knew that my body was desperately close to giving up and that it was not panic attacks. And so did Dr. Pace!! She knew that my adrenal glands were in complete exhaustion; she knew that my hormones, ALL of my hormones (we have more than three that need to be checked), were out of balance; she knew that I most likely was allergic to many of the foods that I had been eating for my entire life; she knew that my blood sugar was dropping and that that will cause heart palpitations and passing out; and she knew that my thyroid was playing a large part in my dysfunction. She ordered the proper tests and everything she knew was confirmed. Dr. Pace specializes in one thing: The human body and its intricate workings; and she expertly and compassionately does everything in her power to make people whole again. If you are searching for someone who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your road to a healthy life, then your search is over!!!! I hasten you to make your appointment today"
— Cheryl Scurlock

"Best place on earth to regain my health! Marie as such patience, and she has the heart of a teacher! I'm so grateful for her care and concern and teaching me how to care for my body which was so very sickly and is now recovering! And her staff is truly 5 stars!" — Erin Arceri

"I was nearly dead when I made my way into Marie's office. Everything I put into my stomach hurt me so much that I had just about stopped eating all together. Eventually, I had no appetite. My weight kept dropping. My energy wasn't just low, it was nonexistent. I was sick, I had no life and I felt like I was dying - some days I wanted to. All doctors did was try to put my on antidepressants or on horrible stuff like Linzess. (For the love of god, don't do it. Just get some Mag'07. Please. I suffered. I wish that someone had told me this. I wish that someone had stopped me.)
I dragged myself to Lafayette with a blood test (that had not even been read to me properly) not even knowing that not only was my' IBS ' leaky gut, but I was anemic too!
I have been going for nearly a year. Present day: I am back at work full time, I am eating three times a day and most days I even want to, my acid reflux rarely flares, I sleep well, I'm not woken up in the middle of the night by pain in my stomach,my energy is improving, my menstrual cycle isn't painful, I go the the bathroom every day....
I've been through a lot with my health.Progress didn't come fast, but it CAME. Something that was not going in any direction at all before. I am immensely grateful to Marie.”—
Claire Veade

“Dr. Marie Pace is extremely knowledgable and is wonderful at sharing her knowledge in a way that you will understand. She truly cares about her patients overall well-being. She has made a huge difference in how I approach health care. I have been seeing Dr. Pace for many years and have great respect for her.”— Suzanne Bordelon


Marie Pace

"After being told by a surgeon that treating my thryoid disease with diet and nutrition was a load of garbage, I left that office determined to never return and began my healing journey. That journey led me to Dr. Marie Pace at Optimum Solutions. She quickly identified that my body was already in premenopause. She told me to give her a year to a year and a half to get my body to a place where I could conceive and sure enough here I am 8 months pregnant, waiting for my baby boy to arrive. 💙 I am forever thankful to Dr. Marie & Optimum Solutions.” - Simone Day Sanchez

"As a last resort before getting on biologics, I sought help from Marie. I then eliminated all animal products (vegan and gluten free) for 3 weeks to see if it would help. The symptoms I had been having of UC for six months completely disappeared after 2 days!!. It was one of the best decisions I've made for my health! Thank you thank you thank you!!” 
Jennifer Rozas Chapman

"OMG Definitely  need more than 5 Stars for this Chick. Only been seeing Marie for little over 2 months. I'm 3 1/2 yrs into being diagnosed with MS & have other health issues as well. I see 5 specialist regularly & they have got me to what they call "Stable". Truely I'm blessed but was so tired of hurting n battling chronic fatigue. The fighter in me wanted more !!! I had been following her Facebook site for some time & decided to give it a try .... Well if you ever heard the saying " To Good To Be True" Well Peeps It's True ... It's Real !!! She did Hair, Saliva & Blood tests on me & my levels were off the wall. She set a Protocol for me & said she could get me better if I followed. Well I started my New Journey w/new diet, some new supplements & exercise. It's Unbelievable how great I feel, haven't felt this good in years. I have never Experienced Someone Sooo Professional & Compassionate. She's A Straight Up Girl. She's Been A True Blessing Sent To Me & I Will Forever Be Thankful To Her & Her Assistant Melissa !!!!! Feel Like I've Known Them All My Life … Such A Great Feeling !!!!  If you need help Don't Hesitate ... Give Them A Call” - Kay Gaspard

"I need there to be more stars than 5. Marie has taught me so much in the 7 short months that I've been a client of hers. She has completely changed the way I see life & food for the better. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't come to her.. and I'm glad I don't have to find out. I look at the body & illness so much differently than I did before seeing her. She is extremely knowledgeable, a "to the point, tell it like it is" kind of gal, and always wants the best for her clients. She is always thinking of others & truly cares about getting YOU well. Hard to find that nowadays. Not to mention, her assistant/receptionist/right hand lady, Melissa is such a joy & very accommodating. It has been a pleasure to work with both of them, Marie is more than a doctor to me. She is an inspiration & a friend. Forever grateful. Go see her & you won't be disappointed.” - Lindsey D. Lamothe

"I have been to many traditional medical doctors with my son. We have even travelled out of state to try to find answers. He has been given so many diagnoses over the past years. Some of the main things he suffered with were verbal and movement tics, sound sensitivities and behavioral issues for many years and was even diagnosed as having Tourette's by one doctor at one point. I was told many times that this was just the way he was going to be. Finally, he was diagnosed with PANS -pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome, a controversial but very real diagnosis. He was treated with antibiotics and antiviral medications and did improve, but he was still not 100%. He still suffered with a lot of the problems. Through referral of a friend, I took him to see Dr. Pace. She placed him on supplements that have helped tremendously with his immune system. She discovered that he also suffered from heavy metal toxicity and has been treating him successfully for that also. Dr. Pace is amazing. She takes her time with her clients and is so thorough. Today, I can finally say he is to the point where he is a normal 12 year child thanks to Marie. She has also helped me with problems with my thyroid. Her office assistant, Melissa is awesome too!” — Vanessa Hulin

Dr. Marie,
"I don't even know where to start....I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 6 years ago and despite taking thyroid medication, my health and state of well-being continued to decline. I lost my spark for life and I only had enough energy to do the things that absolutely had to be done. I had no enthusiasm to plan outings, take vacations, or even go shopping with my daughter. I was exhausted and sleep deprived, with headaches and a foggy brain every day. Thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Pace. With a combination of holistic care, correct medical care (Marie referred me to a wonderful medical doctor), and hormone supplements, I am a new woman! I've regained my "spark" and life is fun again. Thank you Dr. Pace for your excellent expertise and care and education. You are truly a blessing to all of us!!!”
— Rachelle Hargroder Higdon

Dr. Marie,
"I became a client of Dr. Pace almost a year ago. Her interest in my overall health was immediately recognized. Through hair analysis, saliva tests, and blood work she was able to make recommendations to improve my quality of life. My "dream team" of a chiropractor, ENT, personal trainer and Dr. Pace work together to help me obtain my optimal health. She not only spends much time evaluating and educating about test results, she also writes in layman terms what they mean along with supplement and dietary recommendations that I get to choose to best support the results. And.....she even has me going to the gym. That in itself is a miracle- even more miraculous is that I enjoy it. The education provided has been amazing - I have learned so much about how organs, hormones, metals, and everything work together or against each other. My initial visit led me to further testing to determine cold nodules on my thyroid. Dr. Pace was with me each step of the way during surgery and recovery educating and supporting all my concerns. I also have to mention her staff... Melissa is a caring and kind person and made me feel welcome from the first time we spoke on the phone. This is a great team and I highly recommend Dr. Pace to anyone looking to improve their life.
— Lisa Gilbert Farmer

"I love this woman like my own mom!!!!! She has helped me out so much! When I first started seeing her I was in desperate need for help. I needed answers! She explained everything to me and ran test to see exactly what was going on with me! My hormones were messed up, I had pcos, adrenal fatigue, and lots of food allergies. I been seeing her for 3 years now and I feel sooo much better by getting on hormones, staying on a strict diet, and changing my lifestyle!!! I just found out about 4 weeks ago that I'm pregnant!!!! I can't be more excited and I can't wait to have a little baby on my own! Such a blessing!
Thanks Dr. Marie Pace for everything!!!" — M.A.

"Dr. Marie Pace is very intelligent, full of integrity, insightful, a wonderful listener, kind, gives great medical advice and personal advice, and cares for and treats the whole person. She has been a huge support in my life, and I have made a lot of progress her treatment. I have been learning a lot about myself, and healing, through her counseling and patient support. I have a tremendous respect for Dr. Pace and feel that she is a model of what an authentic, educated, and quality doctor can be. To me, she combines both the scientific/rational/physical aspects of health and healing, with the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.”— Jill Prescott

"My body was in horrible condition (couldn't hardly leave the house) still after years of medical Dr's with the wrong treatments. After seeing Marie things finally took a turn for the better. Dr's had been treating me for issues I didn't actually have! Marie helped balance my hormones and thyroid, rid bad foods from my diet I had allergies to and overall helped my body totally repair itself. This is a great place, I've now trusted Marie for years and highly recommend her to anyone.”
— Tracy Borer