When you consult a Doctor of Naturopathic
Ministries (DNM) / Holistic Health Practitioner
(HHP) for counsel, you will find a person committed
to the holistic approach to health.

Many times they will help you to unearth causes that
traditional medicine has overlooked.

An ethical Holistic Practitioner would work in conjunction
with you and your STANDARD medical doctor to help you
truly achieve good health. A Traditional Naturopathic
Practitioner would also understand that there can be many
unsafe interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and
natural substances such as herbs and vitamins and work
with you to alleviate that from happening. Many times
natural substances can be found that can take the place of
some pharmaceutical drugs if the client wishes to do so.
The key is cooperation and learning with all involved to
assist YOU to heal.

1. Do no harm;
2. Recognize the healing power of nature;
3. Identify the cause;
4. Involve the whole person;
5. Teach rather than treat;
6. Identify the source;
7. Prevent the disease




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