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• Thyroid Testing
Correct Thyroid testing is truly vital to finding out what is going on in your body... here's the deal... if your body temp is low (below 98.6) then you have some dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Real simple... but we can't stop with just a temperature test... we need to find out exactly where the thyroid gland is being stressed... and the standard medical tests simply don't cut it. Testing your FREE T3 and Free T4 (the two hormones created by the thyroid gland) along with TSH and checking for thyroid antibodies is the only correct way to test the thyroid along with temperature tests. Your thyroid gland is literally the gatekeeper to your hormone system. It's a little gland in your throat that is butter-fly shaped... and is responsible for your entire metabolism! Symptoms of low thyroid are: losing hair, weight gain, inability to lose weight, low body temp, extreme fatigue, low metabolism, constipation, cold hands and cold feet, low sex drive and much more.

 We know that Both men and women as they age lose a certain level of hormones… women more than men but nevertheless both lose hormones…and stress just makes it worse! … you see.... hormones are chemical messengers that travel through the blood stream and are produced by various glands in the body… the entire endocrine system is a huge communication system in the body. So hormones are vital to your health… as you age and lose certain key hormones bad health is created. The worst thing to do from a natural point of view is to take a different drug for each and every symptom caused from this decline in hormones…Did you know that most psychiatric drugs actually interfere with hormones working correctly in your body?... look... the correct solution is to get tested properly for your hormone levels and balances and then to replace what is needed naturally.

So what happens if you find out your hormones are out of balance? The answer is to use NATURAL hormones. Not synthetic drug versions of hormones. Natural bio-identical hormones match the molecular structure of the hormones naturally found in your body.

Synthetic hormones are just that... synthetic... not real... they are made by pharmaceutical companies that are interested in controlling and making money... not in your health...

You see... natural hormones cannot be patented and controlled... because they are just that... natural...

Some ladies have come in and told me that they are scared of HORMONES because they read that they can cause cancer. I can tell you that that is a fallacy. If hormones caused cancer then we'd all be dying of cancer... so that's ludicrous... what causes cancer are the synthetic versions made by the drug companies!

One report I read stated that progesterone hormone caused cancer in clinical trials... that didn't make any sense to me as when a women gets pregnant her progesterone level goes up 300%... so that statement would mean that every pregnant woman was going to get cancer!!!!! ….but then I pulled the string... what they were referring to was not progesterone at all... it was the synthetic drug version of progesterone called progestin! Sadly those two words are used interchangeably in the media as well as in some medical litarture... but... there in only ONE definition for and one molecular structure for natural progesterone found in a woman's or man's body!!!!

So that's why it seems so confusing for some men and women... you shouldn't get your health information from the media or from clinical trials paid for by drug companies...

Look... bio-identical means the same as life... no one can control or patent life! Taking the correct natural bio-identical hormone that your body needs after proper testing is not only safe it is VITAL to your overall health and immune system and energy!

But let me say this… just because it’s natural does not mean that it is totally safe… you CAN take too much of a good thing. That is where working with a natural health consultant who understands this process is truly vital so that you can get educated about your body and how this whole process works… the key word with hormones is BALANCE … not just putting attention on the individual LEVELS… And I don't have the viewpoint that you'll be on natural hormone replacement forever... the idea is to rebuild and fix your worn out adrenal glands so that they will work without having to supplement them for the rest of your life!

Natural hormones allow your body to communicate correctly… they don’t shock the body by entering in something foreign such as synthetic hormones which are actually drugs…

I'm very proud to say that we have found a lab to create an incredible blend of natural bio-identical progesterone cream for those women who truly need it... it's the ONLY progesterone cream on the market today that contains key vitamins (B5, B6 and B12 along with Vitamin D3) to truly help support bone health and adrenal gland function while replacing the natural levels of progesterone! Our cream base is totally natural also with zero preservatives or chemicals or toxins! The name of our all natural progesterone cream is: EMOTION! … because that's what it handles!!!! Your Emotions!

Did you know that natural progesterone is a natural muscle relaxer and a natural anti-depressant and helps rebuild bone???

We also carry natural estrogen and testosterone creams for when they are needed.

So where do you go to get these natural hormones and correct testing? Right here… At Optimum Solutions Holistic Health Consultants - we’re a natural health consulting company that puts YOU first.

• Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
It might also be a great idea to get a HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS done to help determine and look at over 22 different mineral patterns in your body.. this helps us determine exactly what vitamins and minerals your particular body needs... as well as what food you should be avoiding and increasing to achieve better health. Hair Analysis allows us to find out what minerals and vitamins your adrenal glands and thyroid gland actually needs so that we can assist you in getting those glands to work at their optimum level. A standard blood test shows us what is circulating and available in your body... a Hair tissue mineral analysis shows us what is being utilized by the tissues in your body… for example.. your blood test might show that your calcium level is just fine... but the hair tissue test might show a very different picture... your calcium may be storing in the body and not being utilized properly will cause osteoporosis , stiffness of the joints, gallstones, kidney stones and more. You might have toxins and heavy metals that are getting in the way of any medicine or natural substance from working properly...all of this can be seen with a hair tissue mineral analysis.

Highly recommended for clients with any of the following:

Chronic Fatigue and Firbromyalgia
Abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation, IBS
Food allergies
Skin conditions
Yeast infections
Weight changes
Leaky Gut syndrome
Behaviour problems, OCD, Tourette syndrome, Tics, etc.
Vitamin / Mineral deficiencies

• Board Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner/Consultant and Certified Nutritional Counselor specializing in hormone &
nutritional consulting by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
• Diplomat Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants
• Member of the American Holistic Health Association
• Registered Naturopathic Diplomate with the National Registry of Naturopathic Practitioners (NRNP)
• Author of groundbreaking book on natural health: “DISCOVER HEALTH”
• Graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health
• Member of American Naturopathic Medical Assn.
• The STARCH SOLUTION Certified Graduate

Discover Health
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The Optimum solution to any problem is that solution that does the greatest good for the greatest number of areas of your life... or your health! That is why the name of my company is OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS HOLISTIC HEALTH... and the Optimum Solution is based on the 3 “R's” to natural health...

1. Remove in order to achieve the optimum environment for health in your body it might be necessary to literally remove anything that is in the way... that means killing off yeast, fungus, viruses, bacteria, or literally removing heavy metals that are stored deep in your tissues and organs... these substances are what have stopped in you in the past from achieving good results with not only natural physical handlings but they can even stop good medicine from working properly. So a natural detoxing method might have to be used to truly assist you to return to good health.

2. Replacewe now might have to replace what you're missing... and I mean that literally... you might be very deficient in Vitamin D3, or lacking magnesium, or you might be very deficient in key amino acids and proper enzymes to break down the food you eat or maybe you're empty on vital hormones! In any case, finding out what YOUR particular body needs... and listen... this is key... what your neighbor or co-worker or best friend is lacking may not be what YOU are lacking... I don't believe in assuming anything about your health... and I don't believe in trial and error when it comes to your health... Replacing missing nutrients and hormones can ONLY be done properly with correct testing.

3. RebuildThis is where time comes into the picture... it takes time to rebuild your body after the years of abuse most of us have gone through eating tons of sugar, chemicals, toxic substances, drugs, empty calories (all in the name of food), skipping meals and throwing our blood sugar out of what, never removing toxins and pushing our bodies past the limit! Did you know that you literally grow a whole new body every 7 years? That's right! Every moment of the day you have cells in your body dying off and being rebuilt with the building materials called food and nutrition. Every few months cells do a complete turn-over... and every 7 years every single cell in the human body has been regenerated... the key here is that your cells are rebuilt with the stuff you put in your mouth! So if you've been rebuilding your cells with faulty building materials (cakes, candy, chips, breads, cokes, all your basic junk food) or maybe you've scrimped and not fed the body at all by skipping meals (now NO building material is available!)... well then... you end up every year a little sicker and a lot older looking and feeling!

So we're going to teach you how to rebuild YOUR body properly... the true key to anti-aging.

And those 3 R's are the Optimum Solutions!

I like to say that we’re all about prevention and rebuilding with natural solutions. We use herbs, natural hormones, natural vitamins, whole food, vitamins, minerals and good dietary guidelines specific to your body and correct non-traditional and traditional testing to assist you in achieving a healthy body. As a natural health consultant and Doctor of Naturopathy I may suggest not only standard blood testing to be done... but also non-traditional testing such as saliva or blood spot hormone testing to determine the exact hormone levels in your body.

• Saliva hormone testing
Saliva hormone testing is quickly becoming the new gold standard for determining hormones levels on the tissue bio-available level in your body. Much different that standard serum blood testing that has been around for decades... this new method is much more accurate and allows you and I to see exactly what your particular body is lacking when it comes to hormones! If you are suffering from fatigue, weight gain that just won't come off, low sex drive, hot flashes, sleep problems, aches and pains in the neck area then this is vital testing that MUST be done before you start taking hormones. Other Symptoms of lowered adrenal gland and sex hormones are: extreme fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, constipation, zero sex drive, irritability, brain fog and much more.